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Bracelet Rosaries

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040s.jpg (19310 bytes) 040sc_med.jpg (13746 bytes)

040s- Bracelet 5mm
sapphire crystal beads, 
L -8"

040r- Bracelet 5mm
red crystal beads, 
L -8"
040sc- Bracelet 5mm
black crystal beads, 
L -8"
040p_med.jpg (13142 bytes) 040g_med.jpg (13348 bytes)
040b- Bracelet 5mm
cobalt blue crystal
beads, L -8"
040p- Bracelet 5mm
pink crystal beads, 
L -8"
040g- Bracelet 5mm
emerald crystal beads, 
L -8"
2020r.jpg (20248 bytes) 2018b.jpg (20765 bytes)
2-020r- Bracelet 6mm
red dull crystal beads,
2-018b- Bracelet 6mm
blue dull crystal beads,
041r- Bracelet 5mm
red gold capped
crystal beads, L-7.5" 
0401r.jpg (10966 bytes) 0401sp.jpg (18616 bytes) 0402am.jpg (19354 bytes)
0401r- Heart Bracelet,
red heart shape glass 
beads, L-8"
0401sp- Heart bracelet,
sapphire heart shape 
glass beads, L-8"
0402am- Heart bracelet,
amethyst heart shape
glass beads,  L-8"
069.jpg (16452 bytes) 071.jpg (17881 bytes) 070.jpg (15286 bytes)
069- Bracelet 8mm
silver rosebud 
beads,  L-7.5"
071- Bracelet 6mm
gold rosebud
beads, L-7.5"
070- Bracelet 6mm
silver rosebud
  beads, L-7.5"