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5-001- 10" (25cm)
Hammered olive wood
crucifix with 6" bronze
corpus. Made in France.

137- Trinity
5"(13cm)-  ox. metal,
clear top box &
insert, Italy

145- 5" (13cm)- oxidized. 
metal, plastic box 
& insert, Italy

Colored varnished
 metal crucifix,  Italy

Available sizes:
# 146- 5"(13cm)
#147- 3.5"(9cm)
#148- 3"(7.5cm)


#152-  6"(15cm) Trinity
crucifix with wooden 
base, boxed., Italy

162-  "Pastorale"
(Papal crucifix)
5 1/2" (14cm)-nickel, 
box & insert, Italy

161- Trinity Crucifix
5 1/2"(14cm)-ox. metal,
  boxed, Italy

142-  5" (13cm)
(Gospels) crucifix,
varnished, boxed, Italy

186  -3" (7.5cm) 
St. Benedict crucifix,
metal and wood
 w/ box & brochure.

143-  6" (15cm),
Standing "Gospels"
varnished crucifix,
boxed, Italy

1CP-01 -2.5" (6cm) 
Gold plated, pearl varnished crucifix,
boxed, Italy.
181C -3" (7.5cm) 
Deposition crucifix,
ox. metal, boxed, Italy.


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