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Decade (Finger) Rosaries

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072- Decade rosary
 6mm oxidized
rosebud beads, 
 L -5"

072g- Decade rosary
 6mm gold plated
rosebud beads, 
L -5"
039b- Decade rosary 
6mm blue crystal 
beads, L -5.5"
Decade 0831n 083bk.jpg (14372 bytes) 039sp.jpg (22909 bytes)
083bk- Decade rosary 
 black oval wooden 
beads, L -6"
0831n- Decade rosary 
 natural col. oval 
wooden beads, L -6"
039s- Decade rosary 
6mm sapphire crystal 
beads, L -5.5"
094bn.jpg (13029 bytes)
094bn- Finger rosary 
brown wooden 
beads with string.
090- Decade rosary 
rose scented beads.
L -3.5" 
089- Decade rosary 
rose scented beads,
L -5"
094nb.jpg (13117 bytes) 094m.jpg (13137 bytes) 094i.jpg (13173 bytes)
094nb- Finger rosary, 
natural wooden beads
 with string 
094m- Missionary finger
 rosary, wooden beads
 with string.
094i- Finger rosary 
ivory wooden beads
 with string.




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