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0611.jpg (37194 bytes) 0641.jpg (40537 bytes) Rosary 066

0611- Rosary 6mm shiny 
silver rose beads, with 
basilicas medals on pater, 
ctr. Mothr.&Child/Vatican
 & papal cfx. -L 20"

0641- Rosary 6mm metal 
rose beads, gold metal
 roses on pater, oxidized 
ctr. & papal cfx. -L 17"

066 -Rosary 8mm silver
round rose beads,
silver chain, 
4 basilicas on pater,
center & cfx. ox. -L 22"

Rosary 159.jpg (30502 bytes) 061.jpg (48105 bytes) 063.jpg (52727 bytes)

159 -Rosary 6mm silver 
rose beads,silver chain,
4 popes medals on pater 
(from 1900 to 1975), 
center Giovanni Paolo II
 cfx. "Trinity" ox. -L 18"

061 -Rosary 6mm silver 
round rose beads, 
silver chain, 
4 basilicas on pater, 
center & cfx. ox. -L 19

063 -Rosary 6mm gold
 plated rose beads,
gold plated chain,
4 basilicas on pater,
center & cfx. ox. -L 19"

1006.jpg (22132 bytes)

1007.jpg (25476 bytes)

1008.jpg (26002 bytes)

1006- Rosary 4mm shiny 
silver rose beads, shiny silver ctr. Mother & 
Child  & cfx.  L 16"

1007- Rosary 4mm silver rose beads ox, 
ctr. Mother & Child 
and cfx. ox. L 16"

1008- Rosary 4mm silver 
rose beads ox with gold roses on pater, 
ctr. Mother & Child
 & cfx. ox. L 16"

1009.jpg (30131 bytes)

1009- Rosary 4mm gold 
rose beads with 
silver roses on pater, 
ctr. Mother & Child 
& cfx. L 16"


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